Advice: Calvin and Hobbes style

Earlier this week I came across a blog containing a wonderful cartoon based on the style of iconic cartoonist Bill Watterson’s characters Calvin and Hobbes.  This was drawn from advice given at a speech that Mr. Watterson gave several years ago.


As I read through the above, I realized that this perfectly captures my past, present and future, as I am sure it does for so many other people.

See, I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes and though I didn’t get many of the references, I loved every minute.  The imagination of one little boy spoke to me in a way nothing had before.  I longed to go on adventures of my own, even if my only companion was a stuffed tiger (and what a tiger he was).

As the years went by, my daughter found Calvin and Hobbes on her own one day and fell instantly in love.  We went out that night and bought all of the books. At age 10, she was enraptured with the world of Watterson and I got to re-live it once again.

And now I read the advice proffered above and find that it fits my life today as well.  I strive to live in a world where I am happy with the choices I make; where quality of life and the time I spend with the people I love outweighs how much money I make.  I look to see what fulfills me as a human being, as a wife, as a mother and as a friend; and not on what others feel I should be.  I strive to let my imagination run free and to fill my world with love and laughter.

Thank you, Bill Watterson, and to Gavin Aung Than, for reminding us that life is all about how you choose to live it.

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