Current Project: STALKING DEATH

STALKING DEATH, a 70,000 word YA thriller with supernatural elements, is SUPERNATURAL meets I HUNT KILLERS where the only person standing between the vengeful spirits of serial killer victims and the rest of society is a damaged teenaged girl battling her own ghosts.

Seventeen-year-old Danielle Burke will never regret the first time she killed someone. It’s all the other ones that haunt her: their only crime was being murdered by a serial killer before meeting Dani. But that’s the price all Survivors pay: Survive a serial killer; hunt down the vengeful ghosts of those who don’t.

Dani’s new ‘life’ working alongside her fellow Survivor and mentor, Megan Watson, is a waking nightmare, following serial killers from city to city only to chase down the vengeful spirits of their victims. Between Megan, her emotional walls, and whiskey, Dani can function. Sometimes.

Then the Survivor working the Butcher of Baltimore case is killed, and Dani is forced to step in. Alone. Now Dani must face off against four dead girls in the city she once called home—and the site of her own near-murder. Hindered by Kylie Jensen, a high school senior who thinks she’s an investigative journalist, Dani fights to keep her own demons at bay while using every one of the tricks Megan taught her to stay alive.

But between the appearance of a mystery ghost and the discovery of a new victim, Dani is in way over her head. The closer Dani gets to the truth, the faster the people she cares about start disappearing, forcing Dani to make an impossible decision: which one will she save?


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