Current Project: STALKING DEATH

STALKING DEATH, a 70,000 word YA supernatural thriller, is JESSICA JONES meets I HUNT KILLERS where the only person standing between the vengeful spirits of serial killer victims and rest of society is a damaged teenaged girl battling her own ghosts.

Seventeen-year-old Dani Burke doesn’t want to deal with the living, let alone the dead. But those who survive a serial killer are cursed with the unique ability to dispatch the tormented spirits of victims who weren’t so lucky. It’s a shitty job and the hours suck, but at least Dani’s alive.

When the Survivor working the Butcher of Baltimore case is killed by one of the ghosts he’s hunting, Dani is thrown headfirst into a case eerily similar to her own, despite not completing her training. Stalking the ghosts of four dead girls through the city she once called home—and the site of her own near-murder—is grisly enough, but the sudden appearance of an unidentified ghost and the discovery of another missing girl complicates the case.

Knowing that she can’t deal with four vengeful spirits, the mystery ghost, and finding the killer’s newest victim all on her own, Dani turns to her mentor and fellow Survivor, Megan Watson, and wannabe investigative journalist Kylie Jensen for help, putting them directly in the line of fire.


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