About me?

I live in a world where magic is real; and the unexplained is commonplace
A place where good and evil do battle, and more often than not evil triumphs
Where triumphs of one bring sorrows and pain to another
And that pain is transformed into something greater and stronger than it was ever meant to be
I live in a world where everything I see has a story to tell
Where one thought or idea turns into many as the words come alive, dancing through my mind
Because through those stories and words I become alive
Alive with the magic weaving itself through the ordinary life around me
Knowing who I am is not enough to understand me
It is just words on a page, telling only part of the story
A chapter, a character trait, a chance encounter,
without the plot, the depth, the twist
I am ……













And so much more

I am a writer, trying to figure out where I fit into this world. And this is my journey.
I will continue to write.  I will hope to publish.  I will dare to dream.

Do you dare to follow me on my journey?


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